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Would you like to improve your focus, reduce stress, and unleash your creativity? Creative Wellness Hub has workshops just for you.

Debbie Crouch, founder of the Creative Wellness Hub, first became interested in the power of art for wellbeing following her own personal experience. She went back to college as an adult, learning how to paint and draw. But the course delivered so much more, increasing her self-confidence, and giving her a renewed purpose in life. 

Debbie found it so transformative that she wanted others to have a similar experience. She started out with a Facebook group during the Covid lockdown. It offered a safe space for people to share their art and talk about creativity. But, when it grew to over 10,000 people in less than six months, she decided to turn it into business. 

She created a not-for-profit organisation, Creative Wellness Journey CIC. The website now has a range of video tutorials and PDF downloads which share a variety of techniques.

“The painting and drawing course changed my life. I met my best friend and number one supporter there, and am passionate about sharing art with others. I’ve seen first-hand how it can help with relaxation, self-confidence, and wellbeing.”

Debbie secured National Lottery funding to develop a collection of free tutorials. Anyone can access these, but she also has a VIP membership for those wanting a little extra. The VIP membership includes live videos and tutorials, along with further downloads. Plans are also in place for guest appearances with artists and wellbeing specialists. 

“My aim is to create a space where everyone, regardless of skill, can explore easy art. We also offer drawing, writing, and journaling resources to support people’s wellbeing. The Hub is not only about art, it’s about connecting, expressing, and growing together.” 

Building on her passion for making art accessible to all, Debbie holds workshops; she provides all materials and shares different techniques which people can then experiment with. Her aim is to provide a relaxed environment for attendees to explore their creativity. 

“The workshops are creativity sessions, not an art class. I’ll be there to answer questions and give support, but participants get to do their own thing. That could be painting, colouring, drawing, or journaling.”

Debbie is keen to offer a space where people can explore their creativity. She wants them to have fun with art materials, in a safe place which is judgement free. Importantly, she believes attendees will also take away skills that extend beyond the canvas. 

“The ‘Love is All Around’ workshops are a great way to break free from isolation, discover a new hobby and connect with a fun, creative community. It will enhance your wellbeing and take you on a journey to discover the joy of creative expression. Everyone is welcome – you don’t have to be good at art to have a go!” 

Keep an eye out on upcoming workshops, and we hope to be hosting some of these workshops at The Business Village in 2024.

Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/artforwellnesswithdebbiecrouch 

Website Hub: www.Creativewellnessjourney.co.uk

Membership: https://www.creativewellnessjourney.co.uk/membershipplans