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Business Growth Potential Diagnostic

Business Growth Potential

Define where the business hopes to be in 2-3 years relative to where it is now; growth in turnover, access to new markets, new product lines, diversification, increased market share, productivity improvements, new processes/technologies
Where are the main markets and what are the trends in those markets? Are markets expanding, contracting or static? Are there new market opportunities and opportunities to export? Have there been any recent changes and do you anticipate any further changes in the next few years?
Who are your main competitors and how do you compare? Where do you have an edge and where do they have an edge over you (this could be in specific product/ services, price, quality or in specific geographic locations etc)? Which aspects of your business do you consider excellent and which areas do you feel offer scope for improvement?
Do you plan to expand in existing markets (if so how?) or to enter new markets (if so how?)? Do you plan to introduce new products or services? Do you plan to improve competitiveness through increased productivity and efficiency? How do you expect these plans to impact upon business performance?
Specific Matters
Areas of the business where there is identified scope for improvement or potential efficiency gains, or specific matters which may be considered constraints upon business growth potential; how would these aspects of business compare if benchmarked against best in class or the ideal scenario?