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Looking to Relocate or Grow your Business in Barnsley? 

Financial Support For Early-Stage Businesses Relocating To Barnsley Or Home-based Businesses Making Their First Move Into A Business Centre

If you run a small business with growth potential and are not currently based in Barnsley, then we’re interested in talking with you.

If you run a small business with growth potential, from your home in Barnsley and have never had an office in a business centre then we’re interested in talking with you.

As part of the Barnsley Inclusive Economic Strategy, we’re looking for business owners willing to work with us on a two or three-year growth plan.  In return, we’ll offer subsidised rental and service costs at The Business Village, alongside a bespoke business growth support package involving The Business Village Management Team, partners in the wider Barnsley and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, and from Newable – one of our Member organisations.

If you meet our requirements, and we meet yours, then we’ll agree a two – or three-year business plan and cash flow forecast incorporating beneficial rental charges and ultra-fast broadband and telephone provision.

Please fill in the Soft Landing Expression of Interest online form below if you would like an initial discussion and to learn more about the opportunity.

Should our discussions develop further then we’ll require submission of your current business plan, followed by a more in-depth meeting to discuss terms.


  1. What type of offer can I expect to receive?  We’ll review your business plan, financial plan, staff requirements and growth prospects and make an offer that could include rent free periods, rental discount, ultra-fast broadband, and telephone packages;
  2. Why is The Business Village making this offer?  Working in conjunction with Barnsley Council and its economic development plan, we’re looking to attract new businesses to the borough, and encouraging early-stage businesses with genuine growth prospects who will provide employment opportunities for Barnsley residents in the future;
  3. Why will my licence agreement be two or three years?  Our standard terms are for tenants to sign rolling three-month licence agreements to give them maximum flexibility.  If this suits your business plans, then that is an option for you.  However, if we’re to offer subsidised terms then we’re looking for a commitment for the business to remain in Barnsley, and for our support to yield positive results both for your business and the Barnsley economy;

Apply today, if you meet our criteria we’ll invite you for a COVID friendly site visit or a virtual interview via Zoom or Teams