A passion for fashion benefits brides to be….

In a world turned upside down by the Covid pandemic, Kimberly Robertshaw received the unexpected gift of time. Kimberly had dreamt of becoming a bridal designer from a young age. But her journey had taken a detour as she pursued a career in teaching textiles. So, when lockdown closed the school doors, she seized the opportunity to rekindle her passion for fashion.

Kimberly used this time to make face masks, cushion covers, and clothing for friends. But, by 2021, she’d started creating stunning garters and bridal accessories. She took the plunge and set up an Instagram page to showcase her designs. And, encouraged by the positive response, began growing her business.

Kimberly now sells bridal accessories and bespoke and ready to wear bridal wear. She also offers an alteration service for both brides and bridesmaids.

Finding the perfect workspace at The Business Village

She started out working from home but soon realised she needed a dedicated workspace. And The Business Village offered the perfect option. It had space for pattern cutting and a professional environment for client visits.

“The Business Village is in a convenient location and has secure 24-7 access. It’s also affordable and the price included everything, so there were no hidden costs. For someone like me without a business background, it can be daunting to make such a commitment. But the team here made it an easy transition and an enjoyable process to rent the space.”

Kimberly also felt The Business Village offered more than a room. With a supportive environment and vibrant community, she’d found the perfect setting to take her business to the next level.

“It was important for me to choose a workspace in a well-known location with good parking for my clients. But I can also access business support and advice here. It’s a great place and everyone is really friendly.”

The decision to move into The Business Village marked a turning point in her business. Kimberly dropped her employed hours to three days a week, meaning she now has time to focus on growth.

Establishing Kimberly Bridal as a high-quality designer label

Kimberly’s journey into bridal wear wasn’t a spur of the moment decision due to the pandemic. It was the result of a lifelong calling. Right from her college days, she knew that she wanted to design bridal wear. And, over the years, she’s invested time, effort, and money into honing her skills.

“I’m always looking for extra courses or pattern cutting events to refresh my skills. Training in pattern cutting training means I can tailor garments for my customers. But, at the end of the day, I do the courses simply because I love doing them.”

Kimberly has now reached a stage in her life where she can turn her dream into reality. Her current collection, ‘the morning of the wedding,’ includes robes and cami dresses. Over time, she plans to offer veils and wedding dresses too.

At the moment, sales tend to come via word of mouth or bridal fairs. But Kimberly says it often takes seeing the design and touching the fabric first. Customers don’t realise they want one of her designs until they come across it. So, her goal is to supply select bridal boutiques across Yorkshire with her stock.

Kimberly aims to establish Kimberly Bridal as a high-quality designer label. One which is celebrated for classic and elegant designs that suit all body types.

“What I do is a passion more than anything. I want to make people feel special for the right reasons by providing a personalised service. People often ask, ‘Why bridal, it’s the hardest thing?’. But I didn’t choose it, it chose me. It speaks to me, and it feels like something I’m meant to do. I love the fabrics and a wedding dress is the ultimate and best dress you’re ever going to wear.”

Get in touch with Kimberly:

Website:  https://linktr.ee/kimberlybridal.wear

Tel:  07852 235 753

Email:  kimberly.bridalwear@outlook.com