From law to accountancy: The numbers add up for Lindsay at The Business Village

Lindsay Whiteley, founder of LW Accounting & Business Services Ltd (LWABS) loves helping clients navigate the often complex world of finance. With insightful advice, she helps them spot trends and find the best solutions for their specific needs.

Lindsay wasn’t always destined for a career in accountancy. Her journey began in the legal world, working for the court service. With experience of criminal, civil, and family law, she went on to earn her law degree and post graduate certificate. But, once qualified, her interests changed.

“I realised law wasn’t for me and began studying for accountancy qualifications. I then worked in an accountancy practice for five years before starting my own business in late 2020. It gave me the opportunity to have more face to face relationships, and to work in-depth with clients rather than behind the scenes.”

Interestingly, Lindsay’s legal background complements her work as an accountant perfectly. Whilst she doesn’t niche her services, many of her clients tend to be limited companies. It means she can add extra value by using her experience in company law, contracts, employment law, and company formations. She also has a particular interest in working with private property landlords.

“Companies with large property portfolios have in-house support to keep up to date with regulation changes. But a couple of conversations with clients helped me see that smaller landlords didn’t have the same access to that kind of information. With my legal background, I realised it was a gap in the market that I could easily fill.”

Along with bespoke advice, Lindsay provides the usual accountancy services. This includes VAT and tax returns, compliance work, planning, payroll, and business incorporation or wind up. She also has a strong network of contacts in other financial fields.

“I help clients with financial growth and can connect them with specialists in pensions, mortgages and credit control. My services are tailor-made depending on individual needs. I offer a mix of both fixed and bespoke pricing options, allowing clients to choose what works best for them.”

Finding a home at The Business Village

Lindsay says that many of her clients come to her via networking referrals. She goes to regular online groups and is a member of The Growth Community, which meets at The Business Village every fortnight.

She also has fond memories of being in The Business Village with her previous employer. It led to her becoming a virtual tenant but, by January 2024, she had the keys for her own office.

“I loved working from The Business Village and always said that’s where I’d go if I ever had my own office. So, when I realised that I was spending more time in The Bistro than my home office, I decided to take the plunge. The facilities are brilliant. Plus, it’s far enough out of town to be away from all the congestion, but close enough for the right postcode. It feels like I’ve come back home.”

The benefits Lindsay’s found at The Business Village extend beyond convenience. 24/7 access has been crucial during busy times when needing to work late or at weekends. And the onsite security gives her comfort as a lone female working out of hours.

From her clients’ point of view, the free onsite parking is a great perk. It means they can pop in for a quick meeting, but not worry about parking charges if it becomes a longer discussion.

The Business Village also provides a sense of community, allowing Lindsay to connect with other businesses. Several of her clients are in the building, and a fellow tenant provides her internet service.

Building trust and partnerships

Lindsay’s vision is for sustainable growth within LWABS. This includes hiring a member of staff to free up time so she can focus more on client consultations and advisory services. Ultimately though, she wants to share a genuine connection with her clients.

“My business is about creating something I love doing. I’d rather work with a select few clients, giving them a great service, than take on hundreds I never talk to. I firmly believe in building good relationships based on mutual trust and respect. It gives me a better understanding of my clients’ needs so I can help them with informed financial decisions.”

Lindsay says her work goes beyond basic compliance. She analyses the numbers, looking for trends and offering insights about spending, cash flow, and over-reliance on a client or supplier. She also offers guidance on future planning and tax savings.

“If a client decides on a limited company structure, they need to know what they’re going to do at the end. They can’t just shut it down; they have to do something and extract what’s left. It may be a sale or setting up a trust to pass it on. I help ensure they have the appropriate contingencies in place.”

Using her diverse background, Lindsay offers in-depth advice beyond simple accounts. It’s a personalised approach which is carving out a unique space for her in the accountancy world. LWABS is a great reflection of Lindsay’s passion for helping businesses of all sizes flourish.

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