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Catchments and Carbon, the real cause of unstable weather…

Carbon is the basis of life. Water allows the process of life to continue. Remove carbon & you remove water. Remove water & you remove life.

Join us in our Net Zero Room at The Business Village to hear from Professor Lucian Stephen Gill

Professor Lucian Stephen Gill

Lucian will present information expressing his view that a key component of the present scenario on climate warming has been overlooked and when this component is factored into the equations the situation becomes one of climate instability not warming.

The problem that this generates is that it results in present efforts not only being misdirected but that it allows ecosystem damage to continue unabated. Cutting emissions from fossil fuels coal, oil, gas, petrol and diesel will have no effect whatsoever on the growing climate instability and simply produce further economic and societal damage to the UK.

Viewing everything through a single aperture ignores the key elements of the UN sustainability criteria that should be used for infrastructure assessment.

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