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Catchments & Carbon

Public lectures, open discussions , presentations about ‘Net-zero’ and the impact on our world and the necessary remedial action.

“Net Zero” is the most environmentally and economically damaging policy ever imposed, without consent, upon a nation.

If carbon dioxide emissions were the true cause of weather instability their reduction would help eco-system recovery.This book explains that the abolition of fossil fuels is a red herring and ending their use will in no way effect the present instability in weather patterns.

The climate change scenario is now the “go to” excuse for every failure of government from the lack of energy policy to the growing problems of flooding and sewage contamination in rivers.

Behind all the propaganda there lies however a sobering fact that inaction against the real cause of the problems being experienced will seriously exacerbate the damage being done.

Over the coming eight weeks there will be a short summary of what is really taking place, pointing at the increasing damage being produced together with the facts that underlie and illustrate the true cause of the problem.In the final weeks there will be presentations of potential remedial action that needs to be taken.

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