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Culture and People Management

Come along to this Be Well@Work Session delivered by Darren Padgett Managing Director of KAIZ3N.

Do you want to make more money and save more money by putting your people together?

Find out how you can make more money by being more productive, in a harmonious environment, with staff who trust, share and care for each other.

Find out how you can save more money by keeping talented people with you, reducing the cost of HR mediation, disciplinary processes, grievances and unwanted staff turnover.

Darren will be undertaking a pilot session which will show what can be delivered within your workplace to your management team or part of a team briefing that will leave you and your staff energised, enthused and refreshed by his innovative approach to staff engagement.

This powerful and memorable experience is based on years of experience working with SMEs and global businesses based in the UK, have a positive impact on productivity, profitability and culture.

About Darren

Darren ‘Creator of Harmony’ has over 20 years of experience developing award winning programmes and events for organisations throughout the UK.

His innovative ideas and flair for bringing concepts to life ensure that your team will never forget.

Darren’s former life as a secondary school PE teacher in Barnsley means that he’s fantastic with a tough crowd and he can engage even the most reluctant people and teams!

Darren’s biggest achievements are most humbly winning a string of national & local business awards, appearing on BBC Breakfast news being interviewed by Charlie Stayt & Louise Minchin & cheekily asking Dan Walker at the Yorkshire Post Business Awards if he’d like to be patron of an award winning business (that he’d just awarded him with).

This workshop is suitable for anyone in a business that would like to improve the culture of the workplace.

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