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Enterprising Barnsley – Branding Masterclass

Building a strong brand will help you attract customers and stand out from your competitors. Through attending this interactive and creative workshop, you’ll discover how to create a brand that will appeal to your target market and promote your business effectively.

This workshop at the DMC will share useful tips to build a brand on a budget and how to apply this across all your marketing activities. You’ll also explore marketing messaging and how to tailor your messaging to maximise customer engagement. Topics will include:

  • What is a brand (inc group case study activity)
  • Tone of voice and characteristics (including a practical exercise)
  • Logos styles and how to procure your logo
  • Photography styles
  • Brand touchpoints (including a practical exercise)
  • Branding and the 7Ps of marketing 
  • Creating your identity 
  • Tools to make branding a little easier

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