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Five biggest impacts of Net Zero that you don’t know about…

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An update on existing, or future schemes which are likely to impact businesses in different ways…

Join us at The Business Village, The Home of Net Zero in Barnsley and hear from Kiley Tan, one of the region’s leading experts dedicated to helping businesses who want to make sustainability and Net Zero part of their core values.

Kiley will be presenting and discussing his thoughts on the five “hot” topics that are likely to impact on your business.

Kiley Tan

Kiley Tan started Mosaic International in 2015 to help businesses to enter markets in SE Asia by creating networks for clients to source or sell their products in the region.

In 2022, Kiley completed a research project at the University of Sheffield where he undertook a survey of manufacturing SMEs in Yorkshire on the issue of Net Zero.

He continues to be an advocate of fundamental change to businesses in the coming green transition. Apart from his own consultancy, Kiley is also a solicitor at The Legal Director and practices in the area of commercial law.

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