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Managing Imposter Syndrome and Overcoming Self-Doubt

Stop holding yourself back. Manage the little voice in your head that tells you that you’re not worthy of success

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Having self-doubt can hinder our personal development and our ability to achieve our goals. We need a more realistic perspective, to enable us to gain the upper-hand by overcoming those nagging, unhelpful thoughts and develop the confidence to become our best selves.

During the workshop we will explore:-

  • How to change the messages you give yourself
  • How to develop an assertive and confident approach
  • The types of people who have imposter syndrome
  • The origins of imposter syndrome
  • Why we give voice to our self doubt
  • Building evidence based strategies

Challenge your negative assumptions and discover the tools to build a reality based on evidence and reason.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Outcomes

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