Ask Zoe

We have grown by 750% in a two-year period, let me and my team do the same for you ….

Ask Zoe is as much about me as it is about you as this is exactly the term my network and clients use if they have a problem or questions; ‘Ask Zoe’ as we are here to help and here is how. As I understand how it feels to struggle to attract the right customers for your business, in 2020 my business after 14 years in the hospitality, events, and management sector changed overnight and I was faced with the same scenario that you may be facing currently. Such as:

  • How do I grow my business?
  • How do I attract the right customers?
  • How do I move my business forward?

So, I decided to treat my business as my best customer and see how I could change and attract the right customers for the better through a four-step process, as we believe simplicity is key and we could apply our consultancy services in a new and innovative way. Helping you avoid the struggle, and generate ideas to generate more profit and growth. By helping you attract the right customers by giving you the know-how, strategies, and techniques to win those ideal customers and grow through the products and services you provide.

If this sounds like I am speaking to you directly and you would like to discuss in confidence then I would love to speak with you.