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How Virtual Offices can help you – A look at Halo Personnel

As a business growth hub, business start up centre, incubation centre, managed workspace, rented office, (whichever description fits for the many tenants we have) The Business Village aims to provide a plethora of options to support and help our resident entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses.  When someone comes to us with an idea, or a fledgling business, we try to find the best way to enable their progression as business owners.  Our tenants are a mixture of physical on-site businesses and virtual tenants, who have access to our facilities, but may need to be more flexible with their location.  Some of our businesses have started as physical tenants and moved to virtual tenancies as their business has grown.

One success story where this is the case is Lindsay Dalton and her recruitment company Halo Personnel.

The way in which Lindsay utilised the support offered by The Business Village is an excellent example of how to use a business growth hub and managed workspace to best effect.  Initially, Lindsay began on a funded scheme, where she was able to use a three-month period where she could access financial support, desk space and help with business administration.  Lindsay really valued this help when starting out and tells us that without it, she and Halo wouldn’t be where they are now – celebrating their tenth year in business!

Halo really is one of our Business Village success stories.  From starting out ten years ago, to now supplying recruitment services to some of the biggest names, across the UK.  This includes, Symphony Group, which is the largest manufacturer of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture in the UK.  Symphony is also based in Barnsley, so it’s good to hear they are supporting local businesses and choosing local suppliers.

When starting her business, Lindsay was faced with several issues to overcome; the perception of some businesses with regard to recruitment companies, given that there are some who don’t do it well and understanding the costs involved.  Lindsay wasn’t deterred though and persevered with getting Halo off the ground and turning it into a profitable and successful business.

Now, Lindsay is proud that Halo has an excellent client retention rate, with many coming back to list their staff vacancies.  They’ve also achieved preferred supplier status with many clients and have been building a collection of 5-star Google reviews!  Halo also now has its own employees, something which as a recruitment company Lindsay was delighted to achieve, while at the same time giving her that extra element of personal satisfaction.

So, why did Lindsay decide to move Halo Personnel from physical to virtual tenant?  To put it simply, Lindsay needed the flexibility of mobile working.  She meets many clients and her staff interview candidates in a number of locations, so it made sense to her to make the change.  As a virtual tenant, she still has the benefits of being a Business Village company, along with lower overheads; it’s a win:win, as far as she is concerned.  The benefits include:

  • Having a static, professional business address
  • Using on-site facilities, such as The Bistro, meeting rooms, etc.
  • An on-site Postal service including a place for deliveries and parcels
  • Our professional reception and telephone answering service
  • Invitations to our many events
  • Our tenant newsletter – ‘Winning Together’
  • As well as continued access to The Business Village closed Facebook Group

This is great value for a very low cost.  We now have a number of businesses who choose to operate in this way.  If you would like to find out more about our Virtual Tenancies, please get in touch with Meg Winslow, our Client Services Officer, on 01226 249590, or drop an email to reception@BarnsleyBIC.co.uk.

In the meantime, congratulations to Lindsay and her team at Halo Personnel on reaching their tenth anniversary in business; we’re happy to be watching as Halo continues as another Business Village success story.