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Temporary office space during Covid-19

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Work from home. Don’t work from home. Work in the office if it’s safe. But if it’s not safe, work from home.

It’s been a confusing six months for businesses and, just as workplaces were starting to open up again, the Government announced on 22 September 2020 that we should all work from home again if at all possible.

Before Covid-19, working from home was viewed as a perk but, with the forced changes this year, many are now finding it to be less of a privilege than previously expected. A report in July by Small Business Trends backs this up, stating that 45% of employees are more productive when working at the office, rather than from home (the same survey, said that 30% were more productive from home and 24% were equally productive in both the office and from home).

Working from home does suit a lot of people, but others struggle with switching off from work (giving a poor work life balance), distractions from the kids or partners, poor WIFI connection, loneliness, a lack of dedicated space for work, communication problems and reduced interaction with other professionals.

So, with the Government asking people to work from home again, how can businesses support their staff to be happy, engaged and productive whilst still looking after their health and safety?

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A good halfway measure could be found by renting temporary and flexible office space here at The Business Village.

If your employees have been working from home because a lack of available capacity in your existing office means that you’re struggling to make it Covid-safe, then it’s worth looking into the options we offer. By creating an extra office space which allows for social distancing and other Covid measures to be followed, those employees needing time away from home can do so in a business centre which takes care of all the requirements for you.

Spending even one day a week in a different environment can give your employees connection and company in a professional space where the washing machine isn’t beeping to be emptied, the dog begging to be fed or the kids demanding attention.

During the March 2020 lockdown, we spent time working on our Covid risk assessment and implemented additional measures to make our spaces as safe as possible. Our blog post about returning to work after Covid-19 has more information about the specific measures we’ve adopted.

What’s more, we’ve been in business for over 30 years and really do understand what our customers need. You can benefit from ultrafast broadband, free car parking spaces, shower facilities, 24/7 access, an onsite bistro and flexible space.

Our location is half way between Leeds and Sheffield, around 5 mins from the M1 and 3 mins from Barnsley town centre. If you only need something for the short term, we can even provide a computer, desk and chair to get you or your employees up and running quickly. Any changes and all you’ll need to do is get in touch with our friendly team who are based on-site.

In summary, it’s important for all of us to follow the Government’s request to work from home if at all possible. However, if you can’t for whatever reason, or need to be around others in a safe and socially distant space to help with loneliness and productivity, take a closer look at the different options we have available at The Business Village.

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