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New Grant Opportunities to Support Your Business to Grow…

As a COVID Renewal Action Plan Business Adviser working for the Enterprising Barnsley Team I am passionate about connecting with local businesses and building relationships to support them access grant-funding, secure tendering contracts and providing business advice.  

Although the last 18 months have probably been the toughest many businesses have ever faced, I am really encouraged when talking to businesses as they continue to recover and build their resilience and sustainability in a post-Covid world. To continue to support and help businesses to innovate and grow I wanted to share some really exciting grant funding opportunities that are currently open: 

SCR Business Productivity Grant:  does your business have a need for consultancy services and investment in new equipment or machinery to help you bridge a productivity gap?  This £3.3m grant scheme aims to support productivity projects up to a value of £24,999 with a maximum investment of 50% of the costs.  

Digital Innovation Grant: this is a £2.6m programme fund for South Yorkshire SMEs to embrace digital technology. This is a match-funding scheme that will support a wide range of projects that harness innovative digital technologies ie. VoIP telephony systems, cloud-based remote working systems and e-commerce websites.  It is a competitive application process which will fund up to 50% of project cost, max project size £10,000 (£5,000 grant) 

In the latest round of the Digital Innovation Grant, ~25% of the businesses that applied were from Barnsley… and to date 60 Barnsley businesses have been approved for Productivity Grants, so Barnsley businesses can be clearly seen to be embracing these programmes!!

Michael Hirst, Deputy Chief Executive, Barnsley Premier Leisure recently said,

“The securing of a £3000 productivity grant has enabled us to critically analyse some of our outdated internal processes and implement new digital solutions which has significantly boosted our staff productivity levels’. 


Now can you see why we are feeling quietly encouraged and where the buzz is coming from?


If you’d like to find out more about any of the above opportunities we’d love to hear what ideas you have for your business!

Send an email to rachel.fletcher@sheffieldcityregion.org.uk