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Basegreen Academy Ltd, founded in 2004, specialises in education and training services, focusing on pre-hospital care and professional development. The company had been dormant for several years but saw a revival in 2019 when CEO Matt Woodhead, came on board. Drawing inspiration from his work with a sister organisation, Matt spotted an opportunity for the company to begin offering training services within the group.

The journey began with a focus on pre-hospital care training, offering a range of first aid courses. But that was just the start. In early 2021, Pete Hardwick joined the team with a remit to grow the business in other areas of professional development. Then, in November 2022, Tracy Fairfax joined as Operations Director for pre-hospital care with a similar remit to increase and expand that sector.

“We began offering training for blue light driving, then added apprenticeship delivery too. Today, we’re the go-to provider in South Yorkshire for ESFA1 apprenticeships in healthcare, professional services, and early years.”

Pete Hardwick, Operations Director – Professional Development

In the last year, Basegreen Academy began offering professional development training too. Additional services now include leadership and management training, and customer service assessment courses. These are available both commercially and via funding bodies such as ESF2 and SYMCA3 along with ESFA apprenticeship provision for pre-hospital care and professional development.

Behind the scenes, there’s a team of 33 staff members, including paramedics and first-aiders. The company also draws from a pool of associates with diverse skills and expertise. This approach ensures the company can provide the skills and resources needed across the two sectors.

Pre-hospital care and professional development services

The pre-hospital care sector covers a mixture of B2B and B2C training. It consists of apprenticeships, driving courses, and commercial pre-hospital care training. But also includes providing medical support for sporting events, exhibitions, and film shoots.

Things work a little differently in the professional development sector. Here, organisations are often looking for a more consultative approach.

“Businesses will reach out to us with their potential training requirements or challenges. We always start with an organisational needs analysis. This looks at the business, its structures, and the culture. Then we’ll propose tailored solutions to address their problems. We use a solution-focused approach to find the best outcomes for our clients.”

Pete Hardwick

The broad range of services offered results in a diverse customer base. Within the pre-hospital care sector, clients include individuals seeking formal qualifications and skills training. But it extends much further, covering large institutions such as NHS trusts, private ambulance companies, and commercial organisations.

Professional development clients, on the other hand, are found in a variety of sectors. The common denominator here is the need for management and leadership skills.

 The Business Village offered a corporate environment for Basegreen Academy’s new services

In July 2022, Basegreen Academy took a bold step, relocating from Sheffield to The Business Village in Barnsley. The move was driven by a desire to present a corporate image that aligned with new services being offered.

“Professional development and academic pre-hospital care training were new areas for us, so we wanted to present the right image. But we also needed to ensure the least risk with the roll out. The Business Village offered flexible contract terms and ticked lots of boxes. It’s proven to be a successful move for us.”

Pete Hardwick

Pete says that The Business Village has been the perfect environment. It has a relaxed setting, with outdoor space, and access to the bistro. And the free parking and 24/7 access are ideal for training courses or when working unconventional hours.

The company still has a presence in Sheffield, but most operations are now in Barnsley. A mix of training and office space spans six rooms at The Business Village, all next to each other. This gives the team a self-contained feeling with the benefits of their own space.

“The right learner, on the right programme, at the right time”

Basegreen Academy has a clear vision for the future. The overarching goal is to strengthen current services rather than diversifying. The team firmly believe that there’s untapped potential to expand the apprenticeship market, giving even more opportunities for growth.

“Our mantra is to have the right learner, on the right programme, at the right time. This reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality training and services. Our approach emphasises long-term relationships, leading to repeat business.”

Pete Hardwick

As the company continues to grow, Pete is confident in the support offered by The Business Village.

“We have a good relationship with the management team and they’re always at the end of the phone. Whatever opportunity arises for us, we know they’ll do their best to help us achieve our aims and objectives. That’s nice to have.”

Pete Hardwick

Glossary of funding bodies:

1 ESFA: Education and Skills Funding Agency

2 ESF: European Social Fund

3 SYMCA: South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority

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