Growing business has over a decade of involvement with The Business Village

A digital marketing and video production company located in Barnsley is launching a new brand which capitalises on the growing market for videos.

Internet Marketing Platinum Ltd, founded by Michael Greenwood, is a one-stop digital marketing shop which helps businesses to grow. The company delivers marketing strategies to solve problems such as lack of brand awareness, leads, and sales. Services include work on marketing funnels to create targeted content, along with video production, video marketing, and website design.

“A local roofing contractor could create a 5-page brochure website which will tick a box. But if their competitor does the same, then creates helpful content such as blogs, videos, and articles which answer questions, that would be even better

Michael says he’s always placed importance on the customer journey. His view is that many businesses are good at what they do but need support to become visible online. He helps them by creating strategies for joined up content.

“Offering video marketing strategies for businesses and organisations is crucial”

Over the years, Internet Marketing Platinum Ltd has evolved to keep up to date with digital marketing trends. Video production has become a huge part of the work so Michael is now creating another brand called Edge Video Marketing.

Running alongside Internet Marketing Platinum, it will deliver a full-service package, specialising in video strategy and production. Its unique proposition will blend innovative marketing strategies with video production to deliver results and impact.

“Video is growing in popularity and more marketing managers are now including it in their mix. But it’s still in its infancy and it can be difficult to know where to start if you have no prior experience. The new brand offers video strategies for businesses in addition to the video production and editing.

Video strategy feeds into digital marketing strategy, supporting businesses to reach their goals. The new brand is video, but we’re really selling results and impact, not just video assets. Videos help with SEO and can be repurposed into other content. It’s all about building a web presence. The whole idea is to create lead generation and grow the business.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without The Business Village”

Michael first became involved with The Business Village in 2009 when he joined the Genesis programme. It provided him with business support and shared office space during the early stages of his company.

“I applied for Genesis as I wanted to learn how to build a business. The programme started me on that path and gave me exposure to a world where anything is possible. My belief is that the environment we spend time in is important. Basing myself in The Business Village meant being surrounded by people with a similar mindset.”

After completing the Genesis programme, Michael became a Business Village tenant. The 24/7 access to office space and free parking onsite are huge benefits. But the icing on the cake is the business support and community.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the community and business referrals from The Business Village. The Business Development Manager, Kevin Steel, referred me for the Net Zero Accelerator project. And I love being able to pass ideas back and forth with other tenants. It’s my belief that if you’re in the right environment and tuned into things, you’ll pick up on things you’d otherwise miss.”

Michael’s role on the Net Zero Accelerator project was to provide photography and videos of participating businesses. It involved pre-production work before filming took place, along with post-production services such as editing and advice on distribution.

Michael says that filming those businesses working towards net zero has inspired new ideas for growing his own business sustainably.

“Working on the project was enlightening. I didn’t know much about net zero before getting involved. But I got so much out of seeing how businesses are taking steps to reduce their emissions. Saving the planet is a good niche to be in, and it’s good for the future too.”

Speaking of the future, Michael has high growth ambitions for his businesses. The new brand will offer idea generation and video packages for businesses. And there are also plans for video live streaming, including filming and live editing of podcasts.

“Edge Video Marketing will produce video content for websites, social media, and advertising. It will include videos for brand messaging, testimonials, social media, drone aerial footage, and more. We’ll film, edit, and deliver videos with recommendations for use. Or we can completely take care of distribution in line with the business goals. Our work is all about helping businesses grow. Watch this space, there are lots of new and exciting things coming.”

To contact Michael:

Phone:  01226 337 386