Quality furniture that doesn’t cost the Earth!

Furniture manufacturer, Metalliform Holdings based in Hoyland is proud to be contributing to Barnsley Council’s efforts to become net zero carbon by 2045.

Metalliform joined the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme at The Business Village in early 2022. The programme is designed to help companies measure their baseline carbon emissions output. To give the figures context, Metalliform’s annual output of current carbon emission equates to 109 million cups of Yorkshire Tea or 5,598 return flights from London to New York!

Metalliform has been established for over 75 years and has a dedicated full-time workforce of over 100 employees. The company is proud to be a British manufacturer supplying schools, colleges, universities, catalogue customers, office suppliers, construction companies, local authorities, and sport stadia venues.

Metalliform’s buildings date back to the 1960’s which creates additional challenges when working towards net zero emissions.

The Metalliform team is firmly behind net zero

Initially, the net zero team started with Cally Bristow (Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Manager) and Steve Musgrave (Production Engineer). But now it includes the involvement of all company employees.

“It’s the whole Metalliform team that is helping to drive and support our work towards net zero. Our sales team are working closely with our customers to develop our approach to sustainability. Our purchasing team have provided information and data for the baseline assessments. And our marketing team are actively communicating our net zero journey.” Cally Bristow, HSQE

Even before joining the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme, Metalliform took their environmental responsibilities seriously. They were proactively working on reducing carbon emissions through waste control, electric vehicles, PIR lighting, energy management technology, and leading best practice. However, to go further towards achieving net zero, the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme has provided the perfect opportunity towards achieving this goal.

“With the help of the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme we were able to establish our baseline figures, giving us a reference to assess the impact for further improvements. The programme has provided expert consultant support to help identify numerous innovative ways to further reduce our emissions. A building energy audit has also taken place which will help identify alternative methods of energy reduction.” Steve Musgrave, Production Engineer

Metalliform will become an FSC® certified supplier (Forest Stewardship Council) and FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme) accredited by early 2023.

 “The support received via the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme is vital. Our consultants, Sarah Whale and Keith Ruddock have been fantastic with supporting different companies throughout the programme. They can share insights and advise on best practice. When visiting Metalliform, they have got to know the factory and our members of staff. We are grateful for their passion and dedication towards driving net zero.”

Metalliform is proud be a British manufacturer based in Barnsley, adapting to a brighter sustainable world

The team at Metalliform are keen to help towards making the environment in Barnsley a better place. They have provided information and training to help their employees make positive environmental changes in their home life. Metalliform has found it positive interacting with other companies on the programme. It offers a sense of being part of something greater. They are proud to help Barnsley lead the way towards net zero.

The company wants to continue working with the local community to help improve their environment.

“Our building is based in Hoyland, sharing space with local residents. With support of the local council, we are arranging a litter picking scheme that includes a team of Metalliform employees. We are keen to give something back to the community”. Cally Bristow, HSQE

A key part of the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ programme has been the diverse range of businesses. Everyone is on the same team and keen to share their knowledge and journey.

“There is no ‘cloak-and-dagger’ between the companies participating, everyone is open-minded and keen to share their thoughts about the things they are doing. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.” Steve Musgrave, Production Engineer

“It’s fantastic to see Barnsley heritage business Metalliform taking advantage of the support on offer, we’re delighted to be able to add extra value to their on going Net Zero journey!” Kevin Steel, Business Development Manager, The Business Village.

Funding for the ‘Net Zero Accelerator’ at The Business Village comes from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund, South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and Barnsley Metropolitan Council.

Net Zero Funding

To learn more about the Net Zero Accelerator at The Business Village

Email: ksteel@barnsleyBIC.co.uk

Website: https://www.business-village.co.uk/net-zero-accelerator/