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Business Matters is a blog for Barnsley Business People, here you’ll find all our latest news posts relating to not just businesses based at the Business Village, but from across the borough.  If you’d like to be included in future editions please drop us a line.

16 February 2023

Growth Community finds a home at The Business Village…

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31 January 2023

What is email marketing, and how do you get started?

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28 December 2022

Get a head start on your marketing with these January strategies

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Alex Hollinworth
16 December 2022

Snap, crackle and Pop!

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13 December 2022

How networking at The Business Village can grow your sales

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15 November 2022

When’s the best time for a website redesign?

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3 November 2022

The Business Village and Barnsley Council ‘Future-Ready’ award winners

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30 August 2022

How conversations with purpose can build better customer relationships

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27 July 2022

Business Village tenant comes up trumps with innovative Net Zero game changer

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7 July 2022

Zoe gets charged with #NetZeroBarnsley…

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28 June 2022


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Innovation illustration
27 June 2022

The benefit of using a customer-focused approach to green innovation

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