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How to save a life!

This morning at The Business Village 25 highly engaged tenants and visitors joined us to hear one of the most informative First Fridays networkers we’ve held on; “How you can save a life and how first aid training can benefit you, your business and your clients”.

During the presentation Joseph demonstrated:

  • How to save a life.
  • Several essential first aid skills that everybody should know.
  • Discussed the benefits of everyone being trained in First Aid.

During the Q&A session tenants and visitors heard about the many benefits of having a trained First Aider in your workplace, including:

  • What to do if someone was to stop breathing in front of you?
  • Or started violently fitting?
  • What if the ambulance was at least 10 minutes away?
  • Did you know ambulances have no target response time and can take up to 120 minutes for calls they believe are ‘Cat 3’? That includes someone who is unconscious.

Having a manager and a member of staff trained in First Aid meets legal requirements, shows your business’ commitment to duty of care and ensures everyone’s safety in the case of an accident or emergency. Having your team take their First Aid course can help team building and teach everyone a life skill.

Download and view Friday’s presentation How to Save a Life! on the link or pick up the phone and find out more about this essential skill by calling Joseph on 0845 257 8999 or by visiting their website.

Secure Solutions Group is a multi-faceted company specialising in accredited first aid training, medical logistics transport for the NHS and public sectors, also offering event support and venue medics. The company also provide a licensed security service for venues, events, retail and key holding. At present they are currently looking towards CQC approval to add mental health services and patient transport services to their ever-expanding portfolio.