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Business and Management Research Survey…

Could you help with a Business and Management Research survey into “understanding the mental health and well-being of small and medium sized businesses”?

Anita Binns, an undergraduate of the University of Essex Online and employee of Black Kat HR, (one of our tenant businesses) is appealing for your help.

Anita is in her final year of a BA Business and Management Degree course and is currently writing her final dissertation on Small and Medium sized Entrepreneurs’ personality traits, mental health and business success. She is highly interested in workplace mental health and is looking at ways in which mental health issues can be dealt with better. This has lead her to focus on individual personality traits and why some individuals excel in stressful situations, while others do not.

There is a multitude of research and study based on employees’ mental health and improving their working conditions, but there has been very little consideration given to the employers, particularly the health of owners of new SMEs.

As part of her studies Anita is required to substantiate her findings through a short online questionnaire which will enable her to gather evidence of real-life SME’s experiences of running a business and the difficulties they face.

Participation in the survey is purely voluntary and any information received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Your anonymity is guaranteed as replies would be unidentifiable, securely saved and destroyed at the end of her research period. Of course, the more responses Anita receives the more her research will reflect the true nature of business ownership and mental health.

Please click here to take part.

By participating in this survey you are giving consent to Anita to use your anonymous information to support her research project which is purely for educational purposes to fulfill the requirements of her degree. If you would be interested Anita would be happy to share the results of the survey once complete.

Anita would like to thank you all in advance for taking part and showing an interest in your business health.

N.B. Closing date for responding is 12 noon on Monday 20th January 2020.