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Beat The Street at The Business Village

Beat the Street is returning to Barnsley! Are you ready to join in with the game?

Beat the Street Workplace Challenge

While we’re spending more time apart, Beat the Street is an excellent opportunity for you and your colleagues to do something together, and there are great prizes on offer!

Work together to earn as many points as you can and the team with the best average points total at the end of the six weeks will win a £500 donation to their chosen charity.

All you need to do is nominate a team leader and visit http://eepurl.com/hwSmJr to set up your team, register your account, search for your team and join the game.

You will compete against other workplaces across Barnsley and can check out where you are on the individual leaderboard and see who in your team goes the furthest.

You will need do is recruit at least 4 members to your team by 15th July to be eligible to win.

How it works

A Beat the Street card is swiped at sensors called Beat Boxes mounted on lampposts across Barnsley. Players gather points as they walk, cycle or roll around Barnsley to climb the leaderboard.

If you are looking to join an existing team because you are a business of 4 or smaller, choose ‘The Business Village @BarnsleyBic’ option when choosing your team. Your points will contribute to our teams tally!

You can pick your beat the street fob cards up at Reception in Building 1 and register them following the website link mentioned below. 


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Need help? – contact BTS here.

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