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New breakout and networking space at The Business Village

With businesses beginning to return to physical workspaces and face-to-face meetings now taking place again, the team at The Business Village have been looking at how we can make our space work better for local business owners.

One exciting change is the development of our Bistro into a laptop friendly space, perfect for freelancers and small businesses in the Barnsley area looking to get away from their home offices from time to time, and network with others in a way which suits them.

Businesses renting an office or taking a virtual tenancy with The Business Village have known about the value of this collaborative space for a long time, and the new refurbishment now makes it easier for those freelancers and consultants looking for more ad-hoc access to co-working space to benefit.

How does the laptop friendly space work?

Whether you run your own business or work from home as an employee, you can grab your laptop and pop into our Bistro to enjoy lunch, or simply grab a coffee, while working from one of the individual workstations. You’ll find laptop and phone charging points, along with dedicated areas to meet with clients, suppliers and colleagues in a professional setting.

With free carparking, Wi-Fi and a staffed reception area (which is great for giving your business a professional front), the only cost will be the food and drinks you consume!

Access is simple – just turn up, book in at reception and they’ll buzz you through.

The benefits of using a co-working space

Covid-19 has made life that much tougher for business owners, with face-to-face contact and networking being almost impossible for the best part of 18 months.

One of the huge advantages of using a shared space like our Bistro is to help take away the loneliness which often comes with working from home. It also gives you a proper working environment and networking opportunities without needing to pay for the cost of an office.

Our Bistro is used on a daily basis for tea, coffee and lunch by our tenant businesses so, when you’re working there, you’ll be coming into regular contact with other business owners and their staff. Plus, you’ll be sharing the space alongside other remote workers with a similar mindset.

In short, you get to enjoy the company of others, plus benefit from potential opportunities through collaboration and connection. There are regular events and Drop in clinics taking place, either physically when possible or over MS Teams and Zoom. Check out this regular drop in clinic and find out more from our friends at Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

As The Bistro has been designed specifically with co-working in mind, we believe that locating yourself here will give you a firm advantage over working from a traditional café. The benefits are numerous and include ergonomic workspace, phone and laptop charging ports, access to networking events, great Wi-Fi connection, a clear separation between work and home life, meeting booths for private meetings or phone calls, and a network of business leaders and advisors buzzing around all day.

What our virtual tenants are saying

Kat Derbyshire from The Barnsley Business Directory is one of our Virtual Tenants and has found access to The Bistro useful for business meetings or just to have a change of scenery during the working day.

Pre-Covid, she would regularly sit in the Bistro with her laptop and a drink from the café, saying that The Business Village is a welcoming place to be. With Covid restrictions easing, Kat has recently returned to the Bistro with her laptop, so we took the opportunity to ask her thoughts on the new designs:

“Having seen the plans for the new and improved Bistro, I believe that the fresh and modern feel will really improve the space. As an HR consultant, I am particularly looking forward to the addition of spaces with a little more privacy which will be a benefit when I am meeting clients who need to discuss more sensitive issues. I look forward to using the new Bistro once the renovations are complete.”

Enjoy a free coffee on us!

After working from home for so many months, we know that lots of businesses are reviewing their location and physical office space requirements. For those continuing with a home office setup, our laptop friendly café is a great alternative for those days when you just want to connect with another human being.

The refurbished Bistro is now open and we’re extending an open invitation for you to call in for a free coffee. We’d love to show you around our space and look forward to meeting you soon!