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Specialist support to future proof your workforce for business growth…

As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across Barnsley face new challenges affecting workforce productivity.

The Future Proof Workforce programme will work with 250 Barnsley-based businesses to aid recovery from February to September 2022. This support is funded by Barnsley Council and will come at no cost to the business. Tenant business Brook Corporate Developments is facilitating the programme:

  • What support is provided?Eligible businesses will undergo a diagnostic assessment with the first consultant to work through the key issues affecting their workforce. Following the assessment, each business will have its own action plan with priorities for further work, designed against one or more of the five areas outlined below.A second consultant will then work with the businesses on their identified priorities to deliver a range of training workshops or meetings to enable the businesses to reassess and improve their workforce productivity.

    Under each area below is a list of examples that demonstrate the type of support the programme can offer after the diagnostic is completed.

    Organisational Human Resources

    • Hybrid and flexible working strategies
    • Effective workforce communication
    • Recruitment

    Leadership and Management

    • Targeted one-to-one coaching for people managers
    • Effective management training of hybrid and remote workers
    • Managing poor performance and behaviours

    Workforce Mapping 

    • Re-optimisation of people management processes to accommodate hybrid working
    • Re-optimisation of internal processes – reassessing “how it’s done” or value stream mapping new processes

    Workforce Development and Culture

    • Reviewing and refreshing organisational values and behaviours
    • Team building
    • Motivation and engagement support

    Employee Mental Health

    • Strategic support for organisational health and wellbeing
    • Mental health First Aid training
    • Mental health awareness for the workforce

    Eligibility check:

    All businesses need to demonstrate that they:

    • have been facing issues and challenges caused by COVID
    • trading for more than 12 months
    • are based in Barnsley
    • are a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)

    This opportunity is open to SMEs within all sectors.

Find out more and complete the application form here