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There’s no need to feel down! Check out The Business Village People Podcast

Working with such a diverse range of businesses, we already know there are lots of interesting stories amongst you. For some time, we’ve been mulling over the idea of sharing these through a podcast. So, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Business Village People podcast in April 2023.

David Markwell of Pod One Audio Creations will be working on 12 episodes which showcase Barnsley businesses. Our aim is to create an interesting and entertaining podcast about business. We’ll be talking about your businesses and your successes. But we also want to know more about your life, hobbies, dreams, and ambitions.

To get us started, the first podcast will be about The Business Village. Then, we’ll be featuring a different business every month.

How a childhood passion turned into an audio production company

David has over 30 years of experience working in radio and is the ideal person to work on our new podcast. His passion for broadcasting started in early childhood when he created a radio studio in his bedroom.

Later, while studying performing arts at Barnsley College of Art, he and a friend used the studio there. They recorded shows and sent the tapes to the BBC, which led to the commissioning of their own weekly comedy spot on BBC Radio Sheffield.

Since then, David has worked in Commercial and Public Service Broadcasting on local and national radio stations. He became an award winning Senior Producer, Creative Leader, and Assistant Editor.

David left the BBC a couple of years ago and is now concentrating full-time on his audio production company Pod One.

Pod One has two distinct strands. The first is white label podcasting. This is where David produces podcasts for businesses under their own name. As a Business Village tenant, he’s keen to help other tenants and has developed a special offer.

The other strand of David’s business is producing original comedy content. He writes this himself and plans to offer it as a subscription-based service.

David believes there are stories in every business. He’s looking forward to sharing these on our podcast and is keen to speak with Barnsley businesses wanting to get involved.

Why being a podcast guest is good for business

Podcasts have grown rapidly over recent years and millions tune in every week. Even if you have no ambition to host your own podcast, you can benefit from this trend by becoming a podcast guest.

Appearing on a podcast is also good for business. Here are 15 reasons why:

1. Building awareness of your brand.

2. Receiving an indirect endorsement as an expert.

3. Improving your reputation and brand authority.

4. Expanding your reach and giving you access to an engaged audience.

5. Highlighting and sharing your expertise.

6. Getting you in front of an attentive audience.

7. Having evergreen marketing material.

8. Generating new sales and leads.

9. Providing content to share on your own social channels.

10. Growing your referral network (as people get to know, like and trust you).

11. Helping your SEO with website backlinks.

12. Increasing traffic to your website as listeners click to learn more.

13. Talking about something you enjoy or feel passionate about, helping you connect with listeners.

14. Marketing without direct costs.

15. Having fun.

If you’d like to be a guest on The Business Village People podcast, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with either David Markwell or Kevin Steel to register your interest.

Kevin Steel

Business Development Manager, The Business Village

Email: ksteel@BarnsleyBIC.co.uk

Phone: 01226 249 590

David Markwell

Creative Director, POD ONE

Email: david@Pod One.co.uk

Phone: 07488 330 659

Website: https://www.Pod One.co.uk/bbv-offer