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HR expert offering free drop-in clinics at The Business Village

Trudy Morris, founder of Truvelar, is not your average HR consultant.

With a background spanning both the private and public sectors, Trudy offers a unique blend of leadership and advisory skills. She’s also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and has a Masters in Strategic Personnel and Development, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Trudy’s journey in HR began at Barnsley Council, where she climbed the ranks from Assistant Personnel Officer to HR Manager. But she didn’t stop there. When the Council set up a trading arm, Trudy managed the team supporting schools and small businesses.

“I spent ten years managing a team of HR advisors for Barnsley Council. We supported schools and small businesses with a variety of services. Our office was in The Business Village (then the BBIC) and several tenants were our clients. We covered the full range of HR services from recruitment through to employee relations. I loved my role there, working with small businesses.”

Trudy Morris, Founder of Truvelar

As the education landscape changed Trudy seized the opportunity to work for Wellspring Academy Trust. As Chief HR Officer, she set up their HR department from scratch, and oversaw rapid expansion. Her role developed into one where she managed the whole department in the Trust.

But Trudy’s career progression didn’t stop there. She went on to become the Director of HR and OD for Leeds City College, where she spearheaded a massive restructuring project.

“As the College expanded, I became the Group Director of People, managing an even bigger team. It was a multi-faceted organisation with higher education, schools, and further education. Culturally, it was quite complex, and my role was to align behaviours and ways of working across the group. Implementing a shared services project there was one of the largest pieces of work I’ve ever done.”

Business born from a passion for people and passing on knowledge for the good of companies

Trudy’s career path clearly shows her expertise in working within large and complex organisations. But she also has a passion for people management and helping businesses of all sizes thrive. When she had the opportunity to step back and reflect on the work she enjoyed most, she decided to start her own business. Named after Trudy herself, Truvelar also stands for Values, Engagement, Leadership, and Relationships.

“I believe when you get these core values right, people manage themselves. That’s ultimately what you want in a business – high performing, self-managing teams. It empowers people and makes them more motivated, leading to better staff retention.”

Trudy’s business brings together leadership and general management skills with HR expertise. Her aim is to build relationships and coach managers to find the best solutions. This unique blend helps her work with a range of businesses in sectors beyond education.

“I offer a full suite of HR services. One of my most popular modules is for recruitment. It includes all the relevant documentation, a flow chart, and step by step guidance. But I also cover other areas such as onboarding and induction, along with support to manage absence and capability. My services cover the whole employee lifecycle, right through to TUPE law for large companies.”

Trudy says her hands-on approach and ability to tailor solutions to individual clients sets her apart. She believes in equipping managers with the skills they need to lead effectively. One day she could be working with them to craft employment contracts. The next, she may be updating company handbooks and helping navigate employment law changes.

“Lots of employment law changes are happening in April 2024. Businesses need to know about them, but I often find those without HR support aren’t even aware. My role is to help managers understand the implications, and what needs to happen. When businesses work with me, they’re not just getting someone who’s done a bit of HR. They’re getting someone with a depth and breadth of experience.”

Free drop-in clinics for Business Village tenants 

Trudy has a long-standing relationship with The Business Village which spans years. More recently, she’s received support from Kevin Steel at The Business Village via the ScaleUp 360 programme. Both Yorkshire Computer Services and Alex Hollinworth Photography helped with her new website. Trudy also works as a specialist HR consultant for tenant Brook Corporate Developmentss.

“I’ve built strong ties with The Business Village via my associate work with Brook Corporate Developments. There are so many varied businesses here and it’s furthered my commitment to supporting local businesses. The Business Village has a nice feel and I often work from The Bistro because of the vibrant atmosphere. Plus, the centre is in a great location with good parking.”

Now Trudy is bringing her expertise to Business Village tenants with a series of free drop-in clinics. The sessions will give businesses the opportunity to seek advice on pressing HR matters. Where possible, Trudy will give immediate answers. But she’ll also create tailored solutions for those wanting to develop longer-term relationships.

The drop in clinics are taking place on 2nd May, 6th June, and 4th July. Trudy will be working in The Bistro on those days, and tenants can simply drop in to say hello – no appointment needed.

You can also hear Trudy on the latest episode (#12) of The Business Village People podcast, you can listen on the link below:

To find out more, contact Trudy on:

Website:  https://truvelar.co.uk/

Tel:  07359 059 628

Email:  hello@truvelar.co.uk

Drop-in clinic details:

Date:  Thursday 2nd May 2024.  Time:  9:00am to 2:00pm

Date:  Thursday 6th June 2024.  Time:  9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Date:  Thursday 4th July 2024.  Time:  9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Venue: The Large Booth, in The Bistro at The Business Village (no appointment needed).