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Learn the Web – Practical Workshops That Work

Take control of your own marketing in just one day!

If you’ve been feeling lost in the ever changing world of online marketing, you’re not alone. According to recent statistics, 98% of all transactions start with a Google search. Most people click on the first two search results, but sponsored posts dominate the top spots. And, on a mobile phone, it takes two scrolls to find the first organic (unpaid) results. With social media platforms constantly changing, it’s confusing to know how to market your business. That’s why Caroline Allot and Craig Burgess developed their Learn the Web workshop.

They both work in the digital marketing arena and have witnessed this confusion first hand. Caroline, founder of Clea Digital Marketing, helps businesses with their digital advertising and social media. Craig, meanwhile, is Creative Director of Genius Division and a branding and web design expert. From small local businesses, to multi-million pound companies, they’ve seen it all.

“Some companies have enough marketing budget to pay me to do the work for them. But there are other small businesses who need to sell themselves online but don’t know where to start. The digital landscape has changed so much over the last ten years. Even those in big or well-established organisations don’t always have the answers. Our Learn the Web workshop will help people understand the fundamentals of marketing and leave with an action plan.”

Caroline Allott, Clea Digital Marketing

What will the Learn the Web workshop be covering?

Over the course of a day, Caroline and Craig will guide you through the fundamentals of modern marketing.

They’ll be including basic theories, such as the four Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion – key for any marketing plan. But don’t worry, they’ll cut right through the jargon, making it easy to apply in your own business

“The old ways of marketing such as posters are often a waste of money these days. Knowing how to market your business online can be the difference between failure and success.”

Craig Burgess, Creative Director Genius Division

The RACE framework will also be covered. It’s a digital marketing planning framework, standing for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage. The aim is to teach enough about the framework so you can go away and use it for yourself.

“The workshop will teach people fundamentals that they can use again and again. When they remember the RACE framework, they’ll be able to apply it in future marketing.”


Caroline and Craig are both known for their down to earth approach. They break down complex concepts into easy to understand language.

They want the workshop to be practical, simple, and interesting. So, they’ll be including a mix of discussions, games, presentations, and demos. By the end of the day, they want attendees to leave with a personalised One Page Plan™. It’s a simple, yet effective marketing plan, ready to put into action.

But that’s not all!

They’re giving the opportunity for attendees to ask specific questions during the workshop. It means you can tap into over 20 years of marketing experience for your business. You’ll also get the chance to join an online community after the workshop, continuing support long after the workshop ends.

“Google and Facebook are making a level playing field. The platforms don’t care whether you’re a small or large business, you still need to do the same things. People think TikTok is the place for short form video, but Instagram is now outpacing it. It can be hard to keep up but 90% of the time, it’s about being consistent with what you do.”


Because of the ever changing digital landscape, the workshop will cover what’s happening right now on the internet. But Caroline and Craig won’t just talk about individual platforms. They’ll be helping people work out the best ways to promote their own business.

“When you run a small business and want to know about marketing, it can be hard to know who to ask or trust. But the workshop will give you the chance to speak with two trusted experts and leave with a personalised marketing plan.”


In today’s competitive market, having a solid marketing strategy is essential for success. With their Learn the Web workshop, Craig and Caroline aim to demystify the world of online marketing and help you take control of your online presence. So, whether you’ve been in business for years and want to grow your brand, or you’re just starting out, there’ll be something for you.

Learn the Web workshop details

Date: Friday 26th April 2024

Times: 10am to 4pm

Venue: The Business Village, Barnsley

Price: £150 (Big discount for Business Village tenants, just ask) Website: https://www.learntheweb.co.uk/

About the trainers

Caroline Allott FCIM – Clea Digital

Caroline is an ads and social media expert. She has over 20 years’ marketing experience and has run her own consultancy for the last five years. She’s a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has worked at director level with companies all over the UK.

Craig Burgess – Genius Division

Craig has been a designer and marketer for over 20 years and run his branding and digital agency, Genius Division, for 14 years. He’s the person to talk to about branding, websites, and getting started with your marketing.